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Inside Sales, Telesales, Cold Calling Training FAQ’s

What experience levels do you work with?

In my 29 years of business, I have worked with thousands of sales pros at all levels, from the newly-hired with no experience, to the seasoned veterans with years under their belt. Because of my own experience, I can relate to the person who feels like they should be teaching the course, as well as the fresh-out-of-college first-time-seller, and everyone in between.

What industries do you work with?

I’m typically leery of someone who considers themselves a jack-of-all trades, but the fact is, in almost 30 years and over 1500 programs, I have worked in just about every industry. From catheters to computers, air to iron, the highest tech to gravel and dirt, the common denominator has been the use of the phone as an integral or main element of the communications process. I do my homework to learn about you, your industry, your market, your customers, and your differential advantage. Mostly, I will understand what your buyers really want and why they buy: the results they get from doing business with you.

Does size matter? (class size, that is)

It is true that smaller class size provides for more interaction and personalized attention. And yet larger groups are conducive to energy and excitement. I have worked with groups of two, up to several thousand. As a long-time professional speaker with over 1500 programs presented, I know how to maximize the experience for any size group.

What is the investment?

Of course the cute—and accurate—answer is that great training doesn’t cost, it’s free because of the return on your investment. I won’t even quote you a figure if I don’t think you will get an ROI many multiple times what you invest with me. Your specific investment number will depend on the length and scope of your program. If you are looking for the cheapest option, I can direct you to less-experienced and lower-value alternatives. If you are looking for the best, which will provide a return many times over, you are in the right spot. Let’s talk about what you want, and then I’ll be able to provide a number for planning purposes.

What about follow-up and reinforcement?

For any type of training to stick, it must not be a one-time event, but rather a culture. I suggest that all organizations hold regular, consistent sales training meetings internally. The course materials we use during your program can be the basis for many of those follow-up sessions. I can also provide you with access to my online archive of hours and hours of audio and video, and a massive library of text-based articles and lessons. Or, many companies choose to have me involved long-term creating and delivering ongoing training, both onsite and in webinar format. We can also build a coaching component into your program where I work one-on-one with your reps.

What is your training philosophy?

My approach to sales has always been that we are helping buyers get what they want, not selling them. To do that, we must get information before we give it. Clients book me repeatedly because they agree with the conversational, non-salesy, non-cheesy, real-world approach that sales reps find comfortable to use, and buyers engage with, as opposed to resist. I do not believe in the “numbers game” mentality, where if you make x number of calls you will get y number of yeses. Professional sales is a quality game, where your outcome depends on delivering value on every call. With that said, I also believe that there is a direct correlation between speaking with people and sales. While email and social media are undeniably parts of our sales toolbox (which we do cover) the most effective salespeople strive to talk to prospects and customers, not  avoid them through endless sales-cycle-stretching email exchanges.

How much lead time do you need?

Ideally, at least three-to-four weeks prior for your customized program, although I have done them on shorter notice. I will listen to recordings of calls, schedule a 60-90 conference with your key contact, and interview some of your sales reps. I will also study your existing sales process, methodology, prior training, and everything else you deem appropriate so I can seamlessly integrate my program into your present culture.

What is your personal sales experience?

That is a great question that you should ask anyone who presents sales training. I have been selling for 40 years, and still do every day. I had my first paying telephone sales job when I was 13, and held phone sales positions all throughout high school and college, doing everything from boiler room cold calling , to appointment setting, to professional business-to-business sales. It continued into corporate life with my first job out of college with the original AT&T in Telemarketing Consulting and Sales, and with a division of American Express selling their call center services to Fortune 500 companies. I have sold millions of dollars worth of my own products and training. I speak, train, and answer questions from on-the-phone-experience, not something pulled out of someone else’s book. I just don’t write and talk about it–I live it. Check out my bio as well.

What results can we expect?

Your results will be  a direct function of your organization’s commitment to success and follow-up, and the attitude and work ethic of the sales pros and managers. Training in and of itself is not the solution to every sales problem within an organization (in our discussion we will cover what you are looking to accomplish–I have turned down many possible engagements because training was not the best solution). My training is like the best state-of-the-art equipment in the finest gym– it will work if you do, and the other components are in place.

Let’s talk…

The best way to get your specific questions answered is for us to talk. If you have the slightest interest at all, I will be happy to speak with you. You can reach me by email at to let me know about your interest and when and where I can reach you, or just call me at 800-326-7721, or (480)699-0958. Or fill out the form below and I will contact you about training.

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