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Results You Can Expect By Attending the Telesales College

• You’ll learn proven ideas and methods that really work, which might otherwise take years and hundreds of lost sales to acquire

• If you’re doing anything wrong, you’ll likely realize it and correct it quickly during the College. Other attendees tell us how refreshing it is to have the old myths of sales debunked, and realize that sales need not and should not be adversarial or uncomfortable for the sales rep or customer

• Because of the small group format, the instruction is personalized and flexible. Art is available to answer your individual questions and review your call components. Outside of the College, this consulting alone would cost thousands of dollars

• You’ll interact and learn from other sales professionals who share similar challenges, questions, problems . . . and successes!

• You’ll return to the phones refreshed, energized, and eager to apply the new ideas. And you’ll immediately show results

• Graduates have told us they have closed sales using the new techniques and strategies within their very first calls after attending the College!


An Attendee From the Dallas Program said…

“The money spent on the telesales college has turned a profit within a day of attending! I was inspired to go after a former large client that had quit buying. I flatly asked for the business that had been lost and got it. All said, it’s a near 5-digit projected profit for the company, and a nice 4-digit bit of commission for me!”   Scott Caufield, AllMedia Inc.


Here’s an email we received the day after the Phoenix program:

Dear Art,

WOW !!!  What an amazing morning I have had!  Usually I am a nearly at 60 calls by lunch, but today only 36! It’s because I am having quality conversations with more people – already 3 opportunities to do business!   YEAH! Usually I am lucky to get 2-3 opportunities in a day.

My new opening statement is great and I am loving a few key phrases you shared…

“Are you sold personally on going with us?”  if no – I know I have more work to do

“So I am better prepared before I talk to him, …..”  WOW – when you put it that way to folks they are all about assisting you in every way!

“There are different ways we can position our training and delivery methods….How can I make you look good?”    they love it – and I get additional details on how they are evaluated!

It’s been a fun morning!
Dara Bills, Thomson NETg