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If Your Sales Methodology Includes Inside Sales, Telesales and Cold Calling, Let’s Discuss Training That Gets RESULTS

If you use the phone as part of your sales process, I can help you minimize resistance, get more “Yes” answers, and make more money.

How can I say that?

Thirty years of doing it, that’s how. Hundreds of thousands of sales reps have received, and are still getting those results. Some are very, very wealthy. Maybe some of your competitors.

Are you and your team–or group or association–serious about going to the next level as a salesperson using the phone for inside sales, or prospecting? If so, let’s talk about customized training, either in person at your meeting–or even at your location. My range of services and experience ranges from creating full-blown training courses delivered over multiple days, to event-driven programs such as shorter keynotes and breakout sessions at national sales meetings. Let’s talk about what is right for YOU.

Courses and programs include,

Inside Sales – Telesales complete course development and delivery
Smart Calling cold calling program without the “cold” part for inside and outside reps
Telesales skills for outside sales pros
Proactive Selling Skills for inbound reps
Lead Development, Lead Generation, and Appointment Setting

And/or build your course or session from these topics.

Real-World, No BS Sales Processes and Techniques That Work

There’s lots of stuff available telling you how to sell and cold call by phone. A lot of it is fluff, and “should do” as opposed to how-to, that leaves you unsatisfied, thinking, “OK, but what am I supposed to say to get to YES?”

And then there is other material that is pure salesy crap. Stuff you look at or hear, squirm, and say, “Uh, I couldn’t imagine saying that.” Neither could I. That’s why, long, long ago, I made it my life’s work to study, analyze, use, practice, and boil down the material that actually works. The words that ordinary people like you and I could use, feel comfortable with, and get RESULTS from. Things that are conversational, and don’t cause the listener to feel like they’re talking to a cheesy telemarketer or a desperate hard sell pitchman.

With your own customized training program you get the exact same processes, strategies, and techniques I use, along with my clients and customers worldwide. We all have shown results that translate to cash. I’ve made all the mistakes, so you don’t have to (but you’re probably making some right now. We’ll discuss those at your program).

Many training companies hire speakers to memorize and present their material. You get me. I wrote the stuff. And, I am an accomplished professional speaker and trainer with over 1500 presentations under my belt. But most importantly, I’m an ordinary SALESPERSON. When you ask me a question, my answer is based on having been there and done that. Another fact that sets me apart is that I have the corporate sales experience (AT&T in the early 80’s and American Express) and I’ve sold millions of dollars worth of my own products and services. By phone.

And of course, I’ve gotten my share of no’s too. Probably more than you. But those haven’t hurt me, and I’ll show you how they shouldn’t harm you.

If you want to check out my credentials, check out my bio. For outside opinion, Google me: “Art Sobczak,” and you’ll see about 100,000 results. And read the reviews of my latest book on

“I wanted to thank you for your training and let you know how helpful it has been for me. I have become one of Dell’s top acquisition reps and, using your techniques, have had tremendous success selling into non-Dell accounts. The people here at Dell are truly amazed at my cold calling skills. Your sales techniques really do work, and I am most appreciative to have taken your class.”
Ryan Quarles
Account Manager – Large Corporate Accounts, Dell, Inc.


Contact Art by email at, or call him at 800-326-7721, or (480)699-0958. Or fill out the form below to have Art contact you about training.

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