How to Sell More CD

How to Sell More, In Less Time, With No Rejection, Using Common Sense Telephone Techniques-On Audio CD

Lots of sales programs cover theory … old school hyberbole that you would be as uncomfortable repeating as you are hearing it, and downright nonsense written by people who probably have never made a sales call in their life. What I’ve found is that we salespeople by nature are a demanding, intelligent, and somewhat impatient group and want instantly-usable, common sense ideas that really work.

That’s what I deliver, and precisely what you’ll get in my new audio CD package, “How to Sell More in Less Time, With No Rejection, Using Common Sense Telephone Techniques.”

I consider myself a “sales scientist.” Over the past 20 years I’ve built my business and reputation on researching, testing, and refining sales strategies and techniques for professionals like you and me who use the phone as a main method of communication in the professional, consultative sales process.

Anyone who has ever picked up the phone to make a cold call, or followed up on a call after they’ve sent out literature, a catalog, or samples, knows that it’s much more difficult than making a face-to-face call, and there are certain nuances that make using the phone a different animal. I demystify the process, poke fun at the old techniques and myths of sales that flat out do not work by phone, and show proven, word-for-word examples that will work for you.

In these 16 audio CD’s, (about 16 hours total) I provide more useable how-to ideas on telephone sales than you have ever seen in one place before.

And I say that with confidence.

If you use the phone in professional, ethical, needs-based sales, there is simply no way you could not benefit from the material in these CD’s–as long as you listen to them and use the material. I guarantee it.

“We’ve only been through the first two CDs so far and they are outstanding!
Here are the comments I’ve gotten from the staff:
– ‘New points of view from every perspective’
– ‘You give both sides (buyer/seller) of the conversation’
– ‘Multiple examples so we can apply your knowledge to our
industry or any market’
– ‘Easy to begin and stop making the common mistakes
Brian Solomon, Co-Founder, CDCE, Inc.


Here’s just some of what you’ll benefit from on these CD’s:

                                      Pre-Call Planning

• Questions you need to ask yourself before ever picking up the phone
• How to set objectives that get results

Voice Mail, Screeners, Getting to Decision Makers

• Why you shouldn’t go above, around, under, or through screeners, and what you should do instead to get them to actually HELP you
• What to never say on voice mail messages
• How to get buyers to welcome and expect your next call
• Word-for-word examples of messages that work
• When leaving no message is better
• Words to avoid that are sure to get you labeled as a time-wasting, self-interested “salesperson,” meaning you’re screened out, brushed off, or left waiting for call backs that never arrive
“Art, I have been in one form of sales or another for over 35 years and your process and products carry as much value as my many years of first hand trial and error…. Where were you back in the late 60’s?! I really could have used your help again in the mid-80’s… ,  Zig Ziglar, Tom Hopkins, Napoleon Hill, Brian Tracy, and now Art Sobczak.   I have you now and for that I am thankful, Very Thankful!”
Jim Day, Nomadic Display


Building that Professional Telephone “Look”
Through Your Voice and Words
• How to get rid of image-destroying “umm’s”
• How to build rapport, credibility, and likeability
• Bridging the visual gap with your words so you get all of their emotions involved
• Sales-killing words to avoid
• Listening for key buying words and emotions—knowing when to talk and when to shut up and LET them buy

Interest Creating Opening Statements
• 13 actions and word-for-word mistakes that ensure failure and resistance, and what to say instead
• A no-brainer, fill-in-the blanks opening statement template for prospecting calls that gets them interested
• Openers to use with one-time buyers to turn them into regular accounts
• Case study examples of horrible openings, and great alternatives you can use and/or adapt
• How to avoid sounding “salesy”

 Selling With Questions

• Why you need to scrap the old “Features-Benefits” list and prepare a Question List instead
• Loads of word-for-word questions that get them thinking about, seeing, and feeling their problems and pains–precisely the situations you can help them with through your benefits
• How to avoid sounding like you’re taking a survey or interrogating them
• Why “answering their question with a question” is asinine, archaic, and insulting, and what to do instead
• Putting them in a frame of mind so they want to hear what you have
• There are such things as dumb questions in sales. Examples, and how to avoid them
• What to do when they’re not talkative
• How to ask about money

Presenting With Power
• The not-so-secret, “secret” to great presentations
• How to position what you say as more credible and believable, instead of sounding like a salesperson
• Using stories to create irresistible visual images

Getting Commitment and Closing
• Over 50 word-for-word examples of conversational closing and commitment questions you can use today to get agreement, and sales
• How to get larger sales just as easily as you would get smaller ones

Self Motivation, Beating Call Reluctance, and Rejection

• Characteristics—that you can emulate–of wealthy salespeople
• Avoiding negative assumptions that are sure to invite failure
• How to avoid choking under pressure
•We should be more like kids.

                     Dealing Successfully With Objections

• A painless way to address objections and resistance
• What you need to know about price objections
• Turning “I want to think about it,” into, “I WANT it.”
• How to ensure you don’t hear, “We don’t need it.”
• Why what you’ve probably heard before about objections is bogus, and what you should do instead. (For example, “You should love objections,” “The selling doesn’t start until you hear an objection,” “You’ll hear three objections before you’ll get a yes,” “Every objection puts you that much closer to a yes.” That’s ALL bunk!)

Successfully Following Up By Phone

• How to end a call to ensure success on the follow-up.
• How to avoid starting follow-up’s with the useless and idiotic statement and question, “I sent you out the material. Didja get it? Any questions?”

• What you should and shouldn’t mail after calls
• How to set solid phone appointments so they’re ready and waiting for your next call

Case Studies of Actual Calls
Hear actual transcripts from calls submitted by fellow sales reps in the field, or calls received by Art. You’ll hear what didn’t work and why, so you can avoid the same mistakes, and suggested alternatives to get success and agreement. Some of the cases include,

• What to say when they “buy it locally”
• Failed prospecting calls, and why they went down in flames—needlessly (Listen to an actual example from the program by clicking on the Play button to the left)
• Why ending a call with “Keep us in mind” is asinine, and what to say instead
• How to position value instead of selling on price
• How to build relationships with regular customers to keep their loyalty


• How to get referrals who are eager to speak with you
• Getting them talking whey they say they’re not interested
• Why leaving messages on prospecting calls could be a waste of time
• Over 20 other prospecting pointers to help you get interest, the appointment, and eventually the sale

Even More Stuff to Help You Sell More
• Why believing that using the phone is “Just a numbers game” will demoralize you and ensure call reluctance
• The right way to use conference calls to sell to multiple decision makers
• How to handle prospects who “Need information sent right now!”, and determining if they’re for real, or just yanking your chain. (Listen to an actual example from the program by clicking on the Play button to the left)
• How to keep customers after that first sale

• Positioning yourself as the “least risk vendor” instead of the higher-priced vendor
• Telesales lessons from the O.J. trial

Brief Teletips
Over 150 brief, to-the-point tips you can use right now. Any ONE of these could pay for the program on your very next phone call, or help you avoid a mistake that could cost you more than the price of the book! Some examples:

• How to respond to the “Send literature” request
• Eliminating telephone tag
• What to say to the prospect who perpetually strings you along
• Showing them how a lower price might actually be more expensive
• Why they don’t care about your products or services, and what they do care about which decides whether or not they’ll buy



How to Sell More, In Less Time, With No Rejection, Using Common Sense Telephone Techniques- on Audio CD
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Frequently Asked Questions About This Program

Q. I already have the “How to Sell More in Less Time” books. Will I still benefit from this program?
Certainly! From a pure content perspective, this program combines the material in the two books, restructures it all by category, updates it where necessary, and adds to it. And from a presentation perspective, of course you’re getting the instruction on audio, kind of like the difference between reading the lyrics to a song versus hearing them performed. You can listen wherever you have or take a CD player.   

Q. Do I need to go through each CD, step-by-step?
There are CD’s for each part of the sales call, so you could do that and use it as a training program. However, each CD can stand alone.