How to place successful call

If you are new to inside sales, prospecting, or sales in general, here’s the playbook that will get you quickly up-to-speed, avoiding common mistakes that ensure rejection, and confidently saying the right things to get the results you want!

Here’s How to Place the Successful Sales or Prospecting Call By Phone

Questions I often get are,

“How can I get to the decision maker without being screened?”

“What can I say on voice mail?”

“What can I do to create interest at the beginning of a call?”

“How do I avoid getting brushed off?”

“What do I say when they try to brush me off?”

“What are some great questions to ask?”

“How can I be persuasive on the phone without sounding like a telemarketer?”

“What can I say to close the sale, appointment, or move the process to the next step?”

“How should I handle objections by phone?”

“How can I beat rejection and stay motivated when I get ‘no’ after ‘no’.”

Maybe you’ve asked, or wondered about these questions too.

Usually I’d give a brief answer, and perhaps direct the questioner to my website to see an article or look at one of my books or audio programs that might answer it.

Well, I decided to put together one single resource that answers all of these questions.

It’s a brief 70-page e-book: “How to Place the Successful Sales and Prospecting Call- Exactly What to Say and AVOID to Get Agreement and Eliminate Resistance.”

And you can have it  in your hands and get these questions answered within seconds

In this book I take you step-by-step through the Seven-Step sales call process. This is the same process I teach at my $895 Telesales College two-day seminars. The same process companies pay about $10,000 per day to have me customize and deliver in a training session for them.

“Your book is fantastic! spent the equivalent of $2,000
on a 5-month self-learn course and feel that I have been given
more insight into sales with your book then this
course, for a smidgen of the price!”
Wendy Dias, Achievement Awards Group

Here Are The Specifics You’ll Get

In this step-by-step guide, we cover

Planning For Your Call– Exactly what to do before picking up the phone to ensure success, and set your call apart from every other one they receive that day. Bonus: Also see how you can AVOID rejection and never experience it again.

What to Say Before Asking for the Buyer– Regardless of whether you’re prospecting or selling to existing customers, you can get valuable information before you ever get to the buyer. Learn how to ask, what to ask for, how to avoid being screened, and how to deal with voice mail.

How to Create Interest in the First 20 Seconds. Most people blow it right here. See what to avoid, and what to say in order to seize interest.

“I just got off the phone with a prospect who informed me that this was the first time he gave a sales call more than 3 seconds over the last 10 years.  I used your opening statement advice to attract his interest.”
Cameron Mitchell, Ryzex Group

Questioning to Move Them Into a State of Mind Where They WANT What You Have. Lousy salespeople don’t ask questions. Good salespeople ask the most basic questions. The BEST salespeople ask questions at the next level. Use the simple “Iceberg Theory of Questioning” and  you’ll get to that level.

Persuasive Recommendations. See what to say in order to get them to say YES!

Commitment for the Next Step. Follow all of the other parts of the process, and the close/commitment is easy. See word-for-word examples of commitment and closing questions you can use to get that YES.

Setting Up the Next Action. The secret to having a great follow-up call isn’t really that secret at all. You’ll see how to do it here.

In addition to those steps in the Call Process, you’ll get,

The Professional and Successful Way to Deal With Objections. Forget about what I call “Goofy Objection Rebuttals.” That’s when you hear an objection, and are supposed to respond with some nonsense like, “I understand how you feel, many others have felt the same way, but after they found…” Stuff like that is laughable. I’ll show you how to deal with objections conversationally and professionally.

Dealing With Early Resistance. We’ve all heard “I’m happy with what I’m using,” and “I’m not interested.” Those are NOT objections. They are attempts to get you off the phone and they work. I’ll show you what to say to deal with them so you can call their bluff and have a shot of at least staying on the phone

An Actual Case Study of a Call. I’ll go through an actual Call Guide sent in by a sales rep, and point out what is good, and what should be changed. You will likely be able to use many of the same things on your call.

How to Get and Stay Motivated and Beat the Hell Out of Call Reluctance. Let’s face it, most people would rather have a colonoscopy than make cold calls. There are two reasons: 1. Most people are horrible at placing them, and, 2. They don’t do anything to keep their attitude up. The process in this book blows away the first reason, and this section gives you ideas to keep you performing at the highest level.

Any one idea in any one of these sections could make the difference in getting to and selling that tough decision maker. Or, helping you reverse a tough objection that in past blew you off the phone.

“Art,  I have been in some kind of marketing, mostly sales, for just short of 50 years.  Your stuff is among the very best I have come across.”
Peter Quinn, Sr

And by following the process, you’ll be more confident in EVERY call you place. And you’ll sound like a polished professional.

What would all of that be worth to you?

Many times more than the tiny ridiculously low investment in this e-book:

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“I just recently purchased your “How To Place…” guide. There have been a few people that I have had zero luck with and thought I would try the ‘Advanced Apologies’ email you recommend. I have only sent out a total of 5 “AA” emails and have gotten 3 responses from contacts that were otherwise ghosts to me. This tip alone, made that book pay for itself!”
Adam Maciasz, CDW Inc.


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