Dumb cold calling mistakes

How Many of these Might You Be Committing and Not Even Be Aware?

FREE Report: The Top 10 DUMB
Cold Calling Mistakes That Ensure
Failure and Rejection

Most “cold” calls go down in flames, as a direct result of one–or many–mistakes the sales rep makes before and during the call.

If you have ever placed a prospecting call that did not result in a “yes,” or worse, got quickly rejected, chances are you made at least one of these mistakes.

These mistakes ARE avoidable. And it’s not that tough.

In this free, brief Special Report, I share the Top 10 common cold calling mistakes that ensure failure every day for tens of thousands of salespeople. Some sales reps continue to repeat these errors, with the same demoralizing result. Other just avoid the phone, guaranteeing they won’t win that much-needed new business.

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