Cold calling training


Cold Calling Training that Eliminates the “Cold” from the Cold Call

Would you like–or do you absolutely need—new business from new customers?

But does the thought of making a “cold” call, along with the inevitable rejection, fear, failure, and overall distaste for it prevent you or your reps from picking up the phone?

You’re not alone. “Cold” calling is dumb. Most sales reps hate it, as does everyone who receives, and/or ignores those calls.

But the dilemma still exists: How to get that new business?

“Cold” calling is dead, as so many people say. That’s partly right. The “cold” is dead, but calling for new business, when done the right way, is the quickest way to enter into a sales conversation with people who are interested in what you have, and can and will buy from you.

And you can easily do it the right way, without “rejection”with a customized training program based on Art’s  Smart Calling process, detailed in the Top Sales Book of 2010 (Top Sales Awards).

The basic premise of Smart Calling is having intelligence about the people, companies, and situations you are targeting so your value proposition is relevant, creates instant interest, and gets you into a sales dialogue. This happens because the message is targeted and personalized, and doesn’t come remotely close to sounding like the typical cheesy “cold” call.

You can avoid placing cold calls by having your own customized training program developed and delivered, so YOU and your reps will confidently be placing your own Smart Calls, and getting results.

You and your reps will learn,

  • how to get information on people, companies, industries, and sales “trigger events” to make your calls relevant
  • the 20 common mistakes that cause calls to fail right away
  • how to get screeners, gatekeepers, and assistants working for you
  • how to deal effectively with buyer resistance
  • how to create interest-grabbing opening statements and voice mails
  • how to get prospects to take action
  • keys to staying motivated, never being rejected again, and more!

 “With Smart Calling my calling productivity and appointments has doubled! The quality of my calls are much better,
and I now reach decision makers more frequently. What Art recommends does work!”

Terrence Manuel, Owings Mils, MD

As a result of this training, you’ll be able to,

  • Put listeners in a positive frame of mind, instead of causing them to begin thinking of ways to get rid of you
  • Get them participating, willingly, in the call
  • Avoid getting shot down in the first few seconds
  • Comfortably, confidently, and successfully work WITH screeners, differentiating yourself from the other sales reps who called that day, to be helped through to the buyerCreate voice mail messages that get RESULTS

Customized for YOUR Types of Calls

Everyone has been through training where we have to work to think about how we apply it. Not with this program. It is tailored for YOUR calls.

Art Sobczak is a veteran of delivering over 1500 training sessions over the past 29 years for companies of all types in virtually all industries. The most common comment after his programs is, “Wow, he did his homework and sounded like he actually worked in our company.”

The mix of your company, market, product or service and your differential advantage is unique, and that’s why Art invests as much or more time researching before your program as he does delivering your training session. This includes listening to recordings of phone calls if you can provide them (very recommended , we can provide suggestions to enable you to do this), interviewing managers and sales reps, and studying your sales process and training materials. He combines this with his vast experience and incorporates it into his Smart Calling system to design a customized training program that gives a step-by-step recipe your reps will follow to gain greater prospecting success by avoiding cold calling.

How-To Content that Participants Practice During the Program

Participants don’t just attend, they DO. Reps will work on their own calls, using their own prospects, creating, refining and practicing their own voice mail messages, “social engineering” scripts and questions to gather Smart intelligence, interest-creating opening statements, questions, and more.

While many trainers tell you what you “should do” (you should get to the decision maker, you should create interest in your opening, etc.), Art shows you HOW TO, which is how we learn: by example.

And, you will leave the program motivated, energized, and entertained. Art doesn’t take himself too seriously, and understands that people want to laugh and have fun and not suffer “death by Powerpoint” (he only uses it sparingly, don’t worry).

Delivered by Art Personally

With Art’s programs, you get him personally, not someone hired to memorize and deliver the material. If you are going to make the investment, why not hire the person who wrote the material to perform the material? You wouldn’t hire a bar cover band to play U2’s songs at your important event if U2 themselves were within your budget, would you?

Let’s Talk

If you are at all interested, let’s talk and kick around some ideas. Because his programs are customized, Art will speak with you personally from the very beginning to determine if there’s a fit, assess your individual needs, provide a proposal/recommendation, and then plan your program. You won’t be dealing with an agent, sales rep, or anyone else for that matter. Contact Art by email at, or call him at 800-326-7721, or (480)699-0958. Or click below to have Art contact you about training.