Closeout Sale

Final, Final, Almost-Giving-Them-Away Offer for Hello Success Materials


After our final physical-product closeout in January we had cleaned out most everything. Except, we still have a few sets left of Hello Success, which we see you have purchased in the past. For some of you it was the old program on cassette tape (no, we didn’t have it on record albums or 8-tracks). So, as a customer we are giving you the opportunity to replace/add on to what you have at pennies on the dollar.  We are not offering these prices to anyone who was not a previous customer. If you are interested please order now as we plan on having everything out by 3/1.

Hello Success: Everything You Need for An Entire Year’s
Worth of Sales Training Meetings

Here’s everything you will need to run your next year’s worth of sales training meetings, assuming you’ll run one about every other week. Art Sobczak gives you step-by-step, word-for-word instructions, discussion questions, exercises, workbook materials, and audio CD’s.. You cover a different skill each month, and build on it throughout the month. Even if you don’t consider yourself a sales trainer or skilled speaker, you’ll be delivering expert, proven, results-getting training quickly after opening the package. What could be easier?
Click HERE for complete details but come back HERE to get the closeout pricing.

We have just 8 complete sets and 52 additional Rep Kits remaining. 

Closeout Price for one Manager’s Kit, including US shipping: $99 (previously $995) 

Closeout Price for additional Rep Kits (get one for each rep) including US shipping: $29  (previously $99)


International shipping will be charged back at cost

Bonus Offer if You Get Anything Above:
Record Both Sides of Your Phone Calls With the Recorder Link

Recording and listening to tapes of telephone calls, and doing a self-evaluation and\or getting feedback is one of the best ways possible to improve. The Recorder Link is simply a cord that provides you with an easy, inexpensive means of connecting your recorder of whatever type, or your computer mic jack (not included) and to your telephone so you can  both sides of all conversations. Can be used with almost all telephones which have a standard modular handset jack. The special Duplex Connector also lets you connect another handset to your telephone. The superstar salespeople are always “wired” to their recorder. Order Recorder Links for all of your reps, and watch and listen as they improve.  (We have not sold these for a couple of years because they do not work with all digital phones. If you have a standard landline single phone it certainly should work fine.)  We sold thousands of these at $21.  Only 41 units remain.

(If you do not get Hello Success material, minimum order of Record Links is six units)

Closeout Price including US shipping: $9