Add on selling

Here’s How to Get the Extra Sales You’re Missing Every Time You Talk to Customers

“Add-On Selling: How to Squeeze Every Last Ounce of Sales Potential From Your Calls” 

By Jim Domanski

Every time you talk to a customer, you have additional sales opportunities you’re likely not taking advantage of . And many of your customers would buy more from you, but they don’t know what you have, they’re not asked, or they’re not asked in the right way. Just think of all the money that is being left on the table, and it takes very little effort or expertise to get it!

You can learn exactly how to cross-sell, up-sell, sell more inquiries, sell on service calls … even sell on complaint calls to maximize the profits from opportunities that show up on your phones each and every day!

Just think of the orders you handle every day. What if you could increase your order size by 15% on only one out of every 10 calls? How much would that be worth? (And these are conservative estimates; most companies do MUCH more!) The great part is, these profits present themselves to your business each and every day!

“Jim breaks down the barriers of cross selling and up selling with deceptively simple techniques that my whole staff uses with every sale!”

Tara Samojlenko, Store Mgr. Grand and Toy

Add-On Selling is totally different and unique book on sales and service. It’s a book that shows you how to take an existing sale and make it just a little bit bigger. It shows you how to take a simple inquiry, a service call or even a complaint and make the most of it. It might be a lead, a piece of market or competitive intelligence, or maybe a referral. But the point is, you won’t come away empty handed.

This book is for telephone sales reps, customers service reps and fields sales reps alike. It’s for anyone who deals with customers and prospects and who is interested in making the most of any contact they make or take. You’ll learn:

This 260-page book shows you how easy it is to get that business.

You’ll Get …
Specific word-for-word examples, along with case studies for,

  • The Four-Step Process for Add-On Selling
  • The Cross-Selling Process
  • The Up-Selling Process
  • How to Turn Leads Into Sales
  • Selling on Complaint Calls …

You’ll learn,

  • How to professionally and effectively cross sell and up sell
  • How to gather market intelligence to help you sell, advertise and promote your products
  • How to get a good, strong referral every time
  • How to handle angry customers and get them to buy
  • How to take an inquiry and convert it into a sale
  • How you can make a service call a sales opportunity
    and much more

…and MUCH more. Order Today!

Look at What Others Say 
“If you read only one book on sales this year, read Add-On Selling.” 

Bob Gove, Clement Communications

“This is one of THE best books on sales techniques I have ever read. You can use the ideas here in dozens of situations.” 
Alan Ford, BFI Inc.

“Anyone who is serious about increasing their sales should read this book.” 
-Tom Horvath, Sales Rep, Arlington Industries

“I love the ‘no-holds-barred’ approach…”
Joey Masotti,  The Tape Company

“Add-On Selling (is) heavy on substance and short on BS.”
Saar Pikar, Sales Manager, CDI

“Every chapter represents a new opportunity to sell more. I loved it.”
Marianna Finn, Sales Rep, Minogue Medical

“Wow, The results were immediate and techniques are so simple to implement and yet so powerful…”
Rocky Mancini, President, RM Consulting Inc

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