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In “Telephone Tips That SELL!— 501 How-to Ideas Tips and Affirmations to Help You Get More Business By Phone” by Art Sobczak, you’ll get 501 brief, meaty, how-to, no-nonsense ideas you can use right now to generate interest, ask the right questions, present irresistible presentations, get unwavering commitment, evaporate resistance, and be more motivated than you’ve ever been.

You get brief, meaty, instantly-usable ideas on telesales . . . no bull, time-tested proven ideas that really work for professionals like you. You’ll get tips and quotes on all parts of the call: Pre-Call Planning, Screeners and Voice Mail, Interest-Creating Openings, Effective Questioning, Persuasive Presentations, Closing, Handling Objections, Self Motivation, and more!

Here’s just a small sample of what you’ll get:

  • How to ask questions to get prospects to tell you about your competitors’ weaknesses.
  • How to salvage something from every prospecting call.
  • How to get screeners on your side, and giving you information instead of screening you out.
  • The question to ask “fence-sitters” to get them moving today.
  • What to say on follow-up calls instead of, “Did you have any questions?”
  • How to open calls to inactive accounts.
  • Should you ask if “now is a good time to talk?” Find out when and how.
  • 25 Closing and commitment tips
  • Don’t ask IF they have problems. You’ll get the question to ask to get them to tell you about specific problems.
  • How to defer an early question about your price.
  • The one question to ask an inquirer that can give you everything you need to sell them.
  • The question you MUST ask before sending out a sample or demo.
  • Five ways to find out their budget.
  • What to ask to be sure they’re not just using you to get multiple bids.
  • The key question you must ask any time they are going to “talk it over” with someone else.
  • What to avoid saying in a presentation that can be easily challenged.
  • How to get the silent prospect to open up.
  • Annoying words to avoid.
  • What to say when they say they can get it cheaper elsewhere.
  • How to handle, “It’s not in the budget.”
  • What to say to get them off the speakerphone.
  • What to say when their interest has cooled from one call to the next.

… and much, much more.

Just think: Any one of these ideas might be the one that pays off big for you.

Look At What Others Said

“Just one idea on opening statements helped me double my number of new accounts.”
Mark Chumbley, Redbud Supply

“Using your ideas we increased our sales by over 67%”
E. Richard Crebs, CPCU, Commercial Insurance Alternatives

“By far the best information written on telephone selling. In reading it, I often thought, ‘I wish I would have said that!'”
Lee Boyan, author of “Successful Cold Call Selling”

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