Three Free LinkedIn for Sales Training

The Seven Sales Killing Seven LinkedIn Mistakes 

That Kill Sales, and What to Do Instead, and

What to SAY to Get Through, Get In, and SELL!

LI email.JPG
are seven mistakes salespeople make

every day on LinkedIn that cause them to miss

sales, and in some cases, alienate prospects.

And, even if they do OK
with LinkedIn, many reps

still have difficulty getting through to buyers.

You’ll get solutions to
that problem, and exactly what to do to avoid those

LinkedIn mistakes in these

three FREE training videos

Art Sobczak, author of the
best selling book “Smart Calling-How to Eliminate

the Fear, Failure, and Rejection from Cold Calling,” has teamed up with THE

go-to expert on using LinkedIn for sales, Crystal Thies, “The LinkedIn Ninja,”

to present this free training to help you learn these powerful LinkedIn

and then what to SAY to…

...get connected, get through, get in, and SELL!


This is NOT general social media fluff for people who want to

talking to prospects and instead wait and hope to be contacted. (Good

luck with that strategy.)

This is for
salespeople whose income relies on talking to

and customers to get business, and you’ll see how to do just that.

Again, these three training videos are FREE

Begin watching, learning, and benefiting now!.