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Special Report on Developing Interest
Creating Openin
g Statements
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This special issue of "TELEPHONE SELLING REPORT" expands to 12 pages, focusing only on opening statements . . . what to say in the first 20 seconds of your call so you generate interest, not resistance.

Hereís the most complete collection of proven opening statement ideas that have appeared anywhere. From cold prospecting calls, to inactive accounts, to follow-up calls, to calls to regular accounts, youíll get ideas youíll use on your next call to open the door and put your listeners in a positive, receptive frame of mind.

Examples, and a Fill-In-The-Blanks Template
You get plenty of word-for-word examples, tips, and fill-in-the-blank templates for your own interest-creating opening statements. Here's just a sample:

  • Resistance inducing mistakes to avoid
  • Should you script, or not?
  • What do you say to regular customers, to avoid opening with, "Just checking in with you to see if you needed anything."
  • Why to avoid talking about your product/service in the opening
  • How to open calls to reassigned and inactive accounts
  • What to say on follow up calls to avoid saying, "Didja get my material?", or, "Do you have any questions?"
  • What to say in place of the tired phrase, "We'll save you time and money."
  • Word-for-word examples of field-tested, successful openings now being used in a variety of different industries

"Totally eye-opening! We have been using the wrong opening lines for years!"
Ron Sciandra, Primerica Financial

 Too many sales reps ensure failure by shooting themselves in the foot with the first bumbling words that come out of their mouths. Donít do that! Order a copy of this Special Report for all of your sales reps today. 

If youíre not getting people to eagerly say, "Sure Iíll listen to you, what do you have?" after your opening, how can you afford to not invest this in yourself?

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