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Hello Success: Everything You Need for An Entire Year’s Worth of Sales Training Meetings

Here’s everything you will need to run your next year’s worth of sales training meetings, assuming you’ll run one about every other week. Art Sobczak gives you step-by-step, word-for-word instructions, discussion questions, exercises, workbook materials, and audio CD’s.. You cover a different skill each month, and build on it throughout the month. Even if you don’t consider yourself a sales trainer or skilled speaker, you’ll be delivering expert, proven, results-getting training quickly after opening the package. What could be easier?
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Motivating Without Money-CASHLESS Ways to StimulateMaximum Results, Raise Morale, and Reduce Turnover With Your Telephone Sales and Service Personnel

by Dave Worman Cash is king, right? You need to write a check in order to motivate your sales reps, right? WRONG! In this book, Dave Worman shows you the 17 Steps to maximum motivation that have nothing to do with raises, bonus checks, or handing out greenbacks. That’s right. In this 200-page book, you’ll get the proven, step-by-step details for dramatically, and immediately improving attitude and morale, increasing productivity, reducing turnover, and ultimately building a happier, healthier sales and/or service environment.

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 Motivating With Sales Contests: Motivating Your Telephone Professionals With Contests That Produce Record-Breaking Results–Including 79 Contests You Can Use Right Now!

By Dave Worman

This book shows you everything you need to know to run morale-enhancing, sales-boosting, turnover-reducing contests. Plus you get 79 actual, tested and proven sales contests explained in detail you can run immediately!

$29.00 (U.S. Shipping $3.50)  

Telephone Sales Management and Motivation Made Easy—With 50 Sales Contests You Can Use Immediately

By Valerie Sloane and Theresa Arvizo Jackson, 166-page paperback
If you’re like most managers, there’s simply not enough time to regularly come up with fresh, useable ideas that keep your salespeople motivated and producing at high levels. If so, THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU!

This 166-page paperback is jammed with proven ideas you can use right now to make your job easier, while creating a fun environment that motivates your reps to close more sales.
$19.95 (U.S. Shipping $3.50)  



Audio CD Seminars for Sales Managers

Manager’s audio seminars are presented on two CDs and run approximately two-hours in length unless otherwise specified.  All audio seminar orders include the audio CDs, the printed transcript, and you will be able to instantly download the audio file and transcript.  Or, save on shipping and order the electronic files alone.



Single CD
“Motivating Without Money” 

Featuring Dave Worman Interviewed by Art Sobczak

Dave Worman, author of the book by the same name, and the best-selling “Motivating With Sales Contests,” is known as The Doctor of Motivation. In this hour-long audio seminar he shares specific ways to get sales pros performing at top levels, without spending cash to do it. You won’t want to miss this one!

Order The “Motivating Without Money” Audio CD and e-files for $79  ($5 US shipping)
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Order just the electronic downloadable audio files and transcript for only $59

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Special Double CD
“The Telesales Coach: How to Turn Ordinary Reps into EXTRAORDINARY Reps”
Featuring Jim Domanski Interviewed By Art Sobczak

In this DOUBLE CD audio seminar Art interviews Jim Domanski, telesales consultant and trainer, and author of several popular books. Jim shows you, step-by-step, what to do, what to say, and what not to do to run effective telesales coaching sessions, so you can keep your reps motivated, and performing at the highest levels.

Order “The Telesales Coach Audio Seminar” on two CD’s and e-files for $99  ($5 US shipping)
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Order just the electronic downloadable audio file and transcript for only $69

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Special Double CD

“The Top 10 Telesales Recruiting and Hiring Mistakes, and How to Avoid Them”
Featuring David Yoho interviewed by Art Sobczak

Telesales recruiting and hiring consultant David Yoho shows exactly what to avoid in the hiring process. These errors cost companies millions every year–what might they be costing you?  If you hire just one sales pro per year, or hundreds, you will not want to miss this special two-hour audio seminar. 

Order “The Top 10 Telesales Recruiting and Hiring Mistakes” on two CDs and e-files for $99  ($5 US shipping)
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Order just the electronic downloadable audio file and transcript for only $69

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Special Double CD:“Flash Reports: How to Get Your Telesales Reps to Take Personal Responsibility for Their Activities and Results; By Self Coaching and Motivating Themselves to Achieve More Sales and Revenue”

Featuring Jim Domanski Interviewed by Art Sobczak

 Do you recognize this problem:  You often just don’t have as much time as you need to devote to the type of hand-on coaching, guidance and training that you know your reps need to become and remain their absolute best If so, here’s the solution:  Flash Reports. In this CD audio seminar,  Jim Domanski shows you how to use Flash Reportsa very simple, but powerful method of having reps track their OWN results, on a half-hour basis. This saves you time, motivates them, enhances results, and provides a number of other benefits. If you’re a manager with not enough time to devote to the critical task of evaluating results and coaching your reps, this system is for you! Includes printed transcript of seminar, and actual forms and reports you can use!

Order “Flash Reports” on two CDs and e-files for $79 ($5 US shipping)
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