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“Thanks again for the finest sales newsletter I have subscribed to.  (And I subscribe to 5 of them!) The information you provided helped me grow deposits at my branch 17 % in the first 7 months of this year, versus a growth goal of 3%.  I no longer fear picking up the phone to make business to business calls.”

Susan Orchard, VP and Branch Manager of a MAJOR financial institution

Recent Issues

March 7   Prospects Not Replying? How to Follow-Up Better and Move to Close More Quickly

February 28   The Greates Winter Olympics Inspirational Story

February 21   How I Learned a Sales Lesson — the Hard Way — Due to Procrastination

February 14   Managers: A Legal “Trick” to Use in Your Hiring Ad to Appeal to Top Performers

February 9   How to Inspire People to Actually Get Back to You.

January 26   Rejection? Watch This Only if You’ve Experienced It, and Would Rather Not Again.

January 18   Here’s Your Easy Button/Cheat Sheet for Successful Prospecting and Sales Calls

January 5   <2 Min. Video> Easy Questioning Template to Help People Sell Themselves

January 3   Here’s a Bonus Video With a Few Effective, Brief Tips You Can Use

December 28   Ask Yourself These Questions to Get What You Really Want in 2018

December 21   One of My Most Popular Posts Ever: Handling “I’m Not Interested.”

December 14   How to Engage in “Extreme Listening”

December 7   THE Single Best Thing You Can Do to Improve (Or Help Your People)

December 1   Do NOT Call to “Just Introduce” Yourself.  Here’s What to Say Instead

November 22   Greatfullness Leads to GREAT FULLNESS

November 15   <2 Min. Video Rant> The Problems With the Sales and Prospecting “Averages” You See

November 9   Who Actually Has the Money Problem?  Your prospect, or YOU?

November 3   Responding to “Why Should I Buy From You?”


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