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To continue reinforcing the material you learn at the College, youíll also get,

- a personalized copy of Artís Sobczakís book How to Place the Successful Sales and Prospecting Call

- a one-year membership in Art's Smart Calling Online (Premium Level), so you can reinforce the skills you learn at the program. (Members pay $99 yearly for membership, but you get access to over $500 worth of archived materials instantly)

- a review of your opening statement by Art AFTER you attend the program

- another surprise gift on the second day of the program

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Each attendee receives a comprehensive Telesales Rep College Coursebook used during the program, and designed to be referred back to on an on-going basis for continuing reinforcement and learning. Itís a chapter-by-chapter manual packed with summaries of material covered during the program, as well as other word-for-word tips reps can use right away. It contains the many individual exercises reps work on during the program, and can be used for sales meetings and training sessions back at the office. Graduates tell us they refer back to their Coursebook over and over, even years after attending.

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