Tel-E Sales Tip of the Week
September 4, 2007

Published By Art Sobczak, Business By Phone Inc.
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This Week's Tip:
Do This Instead of "Overcoming" Objections


An TV commercial shows a real estate agent
asking her new home buyer customers,

"So, have you shopped for your mortgage yet?"

The wife responded,

"Yes, we have a mortgage broker."

The agent's response:

"Oh. How do you know he's getting you the best deal?"

The husband and wife look at each other and sheepishly
confess, "Uh, we don't."

Then, of course, the agent goes on to explain the benefits

This is an example of how to deal with the resistance
statement, "We're already working with someone else."

You see, a question at this point is more appropriate than
a statement. A question gets them talking about their
situation, and ideally causes them to doubt their position.
The doubt must first be there before they'll change their

Other examples would be,

"I see. How often do you review your service?"

"How did you select them initially?"

"What do you do to ensure you're getting the prices?"

"What type of evaluation process do you go through to
be sure you're getting the best service available?"

"What do you do to keep up with the other latest
innovations in that area?"

Think of the exact resistance statements you hear, similar
to "I'm already working with ABC Services." Then, use
these questions, modify them, or come up with your own
in order to get them to doubt their position. Then, prepare
for their possible answers, and your next questions.

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"The most valuable of all talents is that of never using
two words when one will do."

Thomas Jefferson

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