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If on a sales or prospecting call, you have ever had a voice mail not returned, been screened out by an inquisitive gatekeeper, got shot down in the first 15 seconds, or did not stimulate rapt attention in your listener, you will learn how to avoid those problems in this
two-part webinar.

Know More! Cold Calling

How to Find and Use Information to Make Successful and Smart Prospecting Calls
A Two-Part Webinar Presented by
Sam Richter and Art Sobczak

Would you like--or do you absolutely need—new business from new customers?

But does the thought of making a “cold” call, along with the inevitable rejection, fear, failure, and overall distaste for it prevent you from picking up the phone?

You’re not alone. “Cold” calling is dumb. Most sales reps hate it, as does everyone who receives, and/or ignores those calls.

But the dilemma still exists: How to get that new business?

“Cold” calling is dead, as so many people say. That’s partly right. The “cold” is dead, but calling for new business, when done the right way, is the quickest way to enter into a sales conversation with people who are interested in what you have, and can and will buy from you.

And you can easily do it the right way, without “rejection” by following Art Sobczak's Smart Calling process, based on the Top Sales Book of 2010 (Top Sales Awards). You’ll learn precisely how to do that in a special two-part webinar he's doing with Sam Richter, who is THE expert on how to use the Internet to get information on people, companies, industries, and sales “trigger events.”

The basic premise of Smart Calling is having intelligence about the people, companies, and situations you are targeting so your value proposition is relevant, creates instant interest, and gets you into a sales dialogue. This happens because the message is targeted and personalized, and doesn’t come remotely close to sounding like the typical cheesy “cold” call.

Get instant access to this two-part webinar and YOU will confidently be placing your own Smart Calls, and getting results.

Session One
Take the Cold Out of Cold Calling Book Cover
In Session One of the two-part webinar (each lasting one-hour) Sam Richter, author of Take the Cold Out of Cold Calling, shares tips and tricks to find information and engage
prospects in ways you never thought possible.  You’ll get,

  • Web search secrets for finding leads, creating lists, uncovering opportunities, and   understanding decision makers.

  • Tips and tricks for using social networks and "hidden" websites as sales and competitive "intelligence agents."

  • How to use information to make a big-time impression with any prospect, and build deeper relationships with any client.

  • Little-known tricks for using Google that most people have never heard of

  • Other intelligence-gathering techniques that, when used by some people for the wrong purposes, can be considered illegal!

"I pride myself on my pre-call and pre-meeting preparation. After listening to Sam Richter,
I realized that I barely scratch the surface on what information is readily available.”
Diane DeGray, Sponsorship Chair, SMPS Northeast Regional Conference 2011

Sam’s brand of “Sales Intelligence” is taught to companies around the globe to amazing reviews (see what others think of Sam’s Know More! programs. You’ll be shocked at what you don’t know (but soon will).  You’ll even receive complimentary access to Sam’s Know More! Resource Center and Toolbar, used by thousands each day to find the information needed to succeed in sales. 


Session Two
Despite the popular saying, knowledge itself is not power, but the USE of that knowledge is. That’s what you’ll learn in Part Two of the webinar where Art Sobczak shows you specifically how to plug that information into the  Smart Calling process that thousands are using to open up new accounts.

You’ll learn,

  • how to create interest-grabbing opening statements and voice mails

  • the 20 common mistakes that cause calls to fail right away

  • how to get screeners, gatekeepers, and assistants working for you

  • how to deal effectively with buyer resistance

  • how to get prospects to take action

  • keys to staying motivated, never being rejected again, and more!

 “With Smart Calling my calling productivity and appointments has doubled! The quality of my calls are much better, and I now reach decision makers more frequently. What Art recommends does work!”
Terrence Manuel, Owings Mils, MD

As a result of this webinar, you'll be able to,

  • Put listeners in a positive frame of mind, instead of causing them to begin thinking of ways to get rid of you
  • Get them participating, willingly, in the call
  • Avoid getting shot down in the first few seconds
  • Comfortably, confidently, and successfully work WITH screeners, differentiating yourself from the other sales reps who called that day, to be helped through to the buyer
  • Create voice mail messages that get RESULTS

    “Finished up the webinar this morning--probably the best I have ever seen. Loved that it was low on theory and full of examples. Listening to Art craft smart calls on the fly
    was more educational than 20 books.”
    Brian Switzer, Profit Improvement Specialist, Central Payments


    FREE Bonuses

    1. You’ll receive complimentary access to Sam’s Know More! Resource Center and Toolbar making it easy and fun to practice what you learn, used by thousands each day to find the information needed to succeed in sales. You'll also get the Know More Reference Guide, featuring step by step instructions on how to get the secret inside information on companies, people and industries

    2. Your Opening Statement/Voice Mail Reviewed by Art Personally
    After participating in the live webinar, Art will personally review your own opening statement or voice mail message and give his comments and suggestions. A word here or there CAN make a difference, and Art can help you avoid making some costly mistakes while testing it out on live prospects and customers. Art in the past has only offered this to his corporate training and consulting clients, and attendees at his $895 Telesales College workshop, but you get it FREE, as part of the program. If you were to hire Art for just this consulting and coaching opportunity alone, it would be many times more than the $79 investment in the webinar.

    3. The Recording of Both Sessions of the Webinar
    After the program, you will receive access to the recording of the program so you can review it over and over.

    "I like what you had said in your review of my opening. I reworded my talk track and today I set up 3 appointments and ran one on the spot by phone. It really has changed things. Once again Thank you very much."   Michael Lindner, ADP


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Sam and Art can customize and tailor this program for your types of prospects, market, and calls. These two experts will go to work for you, do their research, and design a program specifically for the calls you place. Delivery options are flexible... have it in webinar form, or have Sam and Art deliver the program personally, working hands on with your reps at your location. Call Art Sobczak at (480)699-0958 to discuss options, including full-day and two-day intensive programs.